Six Reasons to Work with a Creative Staffing Agency


How much did you actually spend on your last hard-to-find hire? Did you include the productivity lost by your hiring manager? And how about the hours your HR team spent poring over resumes and conducting interviews? When you add everything up, the cost of hires can put a serious dent in your finances. If your search for the exclusive purple squirrel has been more depressing than being lucrative, it makes sense to fetch an experienced partner to aid in your endeavors. And that’s where a creative staffing agency Los Angeles or elsewhere come into play.

Whether you need a full-time graphic designer to join your creative team or a freelance copywriter to help with a project, it’s important that you make the best, most informed hiring decision. And if you are lacking resources or are short on time to perfectly scrutinize candidates, your job of filling vacancies can become even more challenging.

Creative staffing agencies provide immediate access to skilled talent – all of whom have been evaluated and interviewed before they get to you. This lets you easily select the most suitable candidate for your freelance projects or full-time staffing needs. Here are six reasons to work with a creative staffing agency:

1. Staffing agencies have valuable Industry and local market expertise: Creative recruiters understand the industry inside and out, not to mention the local markets they serve. Creative recruiters have the intuitiveness into candidates’ abilities as well as how that expertise can meet your specific business needs.

2. Staffing services lead to a rapid hiring process: Filling a vacancy that requires a hard-to-find skill set can take days or even months. Every step — performing a search, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and negotiating your way to an executed offer letter — takes time that busy hiring managers just don’t have. And when the recruitment process lingers, you increase your risk of losing top talent to a competitor. Fortunately, the staffing agency can cut your time-to-hire down to as little as a few days. They are filled with thousands of talented professionals with a team of niche recruiters focused on recruiting for specialized roles. These agencies can pinpoint candidates that match even the most specialized hiring profiles. This means the interviews can be conducted promptly, helping you get the talent you need as quickly as possible.

3. Access to a breadth of top candidates: The focus is on finding extensive pools of talented candidates. You may write the best job description, but are you sure it is going to reach the right candidates? With a creative staffing agency, you have access to an expansive range of potential hires that may never have come across your job opening. In addition, creative recruiters reach professionals who aren’t keenly looking for a job, but may be interested if the right opportunity is presented to them.

4. Cost: Did you know that the cost of a wrong hire can equal 30 percent of that person’s initial-year salary? Knowing how much a wrong hire can set you back financially, makes it worthwhile to ensure the candidates you bring on board are efficient and productive.

5. Less rogue spending: The talent acquisition process is a prominent source of rogue spending. When the vacancy is difficult to fill, the problem only gets worse. Fortunately, a staffing agency can help you rein in rogue spending. They work with your HR team to establish a program with thoroughly defined guidelines on spending. They will also keep your hiring managers within the defined budget and provide customized reporting services on spending throughout the talent acquisition process. You will know what you are spending — and where you are spending it.

6. Flexibility: Instant access to creative freelancers allows you the flexibility to staff up or down to meet business requirements. Maintaining that perfect balance on your team is quite challenging, but it is much easier when you rely on a creative staffing agency helping you expedite temporary workers when required.

Creative Staffing Agencies + You = Happy Hiring

A well-experienced recruiter can be a valuable asset when it comes to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews of the rightly selected candidates. Their industry expertise helps them understand precisely what the hiring manager is looking for, with no need for time-consuming explanations. An experienced recruiter Los Angeles can also help multiple hiring managers reach a consensus on the required skill set and put things like title, start date, and compensation off your hands.

Creative staffing agencies have extensive industry experience to help you hire right the first time – whether you are looking for freelance, contract-to-hire or full-time talent. The right staffing agency can deliver the right candidates for even the most challenging requirements.

So, the next time you find yourself searching for the most suitable hire, you don’t have to go it alone. Your staffing partner can take the most challenging requirements off your hands, so you can get back to doing what you are best at – running your business efficiently.

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