Employment Lawyers Are Your Way to Fight Back Against Workplace Harassment


The employment law in California confers employees with many rights, including the right to work in a safe work environment. That means you have the legal right to carry out your workplace duties without being subjected to harassment or discrimination. Such behaviors have no place in the workplace according to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and employers will be held legally liable if they do not take proactive steps to put an end to them.

If your employer fails to take appropriate action against the harassment, you have the option of taking legal counsel. Run an online search for employee lawyer Los Angeles and find a competent, experienced lawyer to represent you.

What is Workplace Harassment?

Workplace harassment can be any type of behavior that is intended to intimidate, humiliate, or otherwise trouble you and prevent you from performing your work duties to the best of your abilities. It can include abusing you verbally, making racially derogatory comments, subjecting you to deliberate put-downs, harassing you sexually, spreading rumors about you, instigating others to harass you, excluding you from team events, interfering in your work tasks, sabotaging your career, and so on.

Being harassed in these ways on a day-to-day basis can create a toxic work environment and make you feel anxious, fearful, and depressed. In the long run, it can take a toll on your mental health, affect your physical health, and impact your work performance and, eventually, harm your career. For this reason, you mustn’t ignore or put up with any kind of workplace mistreatment.

Many employees feel too intimidated to take action or are afraid of escalating the situation or getting fired from their job if they make a complaint. If you feel that way, rest assured. The FEHA also protects you against retaliation from your employer. However, it is important to get the right legal advice from an experienced professional.

How to Fight Back Against Workplace Harassment?

It is essential to speak up for yourself if you are experiencing workplace harassment. You can ask the offender calmly and politely if they intend to harass you and make you feel uncomfortable. Inform them that you do not like being treated in such a manner and that you will appreciate it if they stop. Some bullies may alter their behavior if you address them head-on.

However, if that is not possible and you are worried about your safety, it will help to speak to your manager and write about the mistreatment of your company’s HR department. They are legally obliged to step in and put a stop to the harassment. If they will not step in or are unable to take action against the offender, it is time to look up “employee lawyer Los Angeles” and hire a lawyer to handle the situation.

How can an Employee Lawyer Assist You?

The employee lawyer will help you understand your legal rights. For instance, while California does not have a statute against workplace bullying, the AB 2053 law of 2014 tackles employment discrimination or harassment by requiring employers to provide education and training to their employees to prevent abusive conduct in the workplace. Legally, you cannot be harassed or discriminated against based on your race, color, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, mental or physical disability, medical condition, marital status, gender, sex, or age.

As a victim of harassment, you can file a formal complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). If necessary, you can also file a legal case against the offender or your employer.

The employee lawyer will help you to determine if the mistreatment you have experienced meets the legal criteria of workplace harassment. They will also check if there have been other workplace violations that you can contest alongside. They will let you know too what kind of outcome you can reasonably expect if the matter goes to court.

Even if the matter does not have a specific legal recourse, the fact that you have consulted an employment lawyer can cause a shift in the situation. To avoid legal troubles, your employer is likely to become more vigilant about addressing workplace harassment issues and take a less tolerant attitude towards offenders.

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