Wrongful Termination Lawyer – Why and When Hire an Expert


Do you feel that your employer has fired from your job through no fault of yours? Has your employer refused to give you a valid reason for the job termination? You may have grounds for filing a wrongful dismissal case. It will be a good idea to contact the best wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles and get an expert assessment of your particular situation.

Why should you hire a wrongful termination lawyer?

In California, by law, it is illegal for employers to fire their employees for any discriminatory or unethical reasons. For instance, your employer cannot fire you because of your race, color, gender, age, national origin, ethnic origin, religion, or disability. They cannot dismiss you because you refused to do something illegal for the company or acted as a whistle-blower for the unethical acts taking place in the company. You also cannot lose your job because you spoke up against any hazardous conditions that you and other employees had to work under at the company.

Furthermore, they cannot dismiss you from your position for refusing to give in to unwanted sexual advances, bullying, harassment, and intimidation in the job place. They cannot fire you either for demanding what you are legally entitled to at the workplace, such as getting paid for overtime work, getting adequate meal breaks, obtaining medical leave, and getting paid vacations.

However, some employers may not always abide by the law, and they may also have a high-power legal team to deal with any issues that might arise. As such, you won’t find it a simple matter to go against them if they fire you. And that is the main reason why you should hire the best wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles to look over your case.

Here are some more reasons why it will be in your interest to hire an expert:

They know the ins and outs of employment law

You have certain legal rights as an employee, and, in case you are not aware of them, the lawyer will fill you in on these. They will go over your terms of employment and ask for the details of your experience at your workplace. That will help them to find out if your employer is in violation of the employment law in California, and it is possible to proceed with the case.

They are experienced in handling wrongful dismissal cases

The best wrongful termination lawyers in Los Angeles will have plenty of prior experience in handling cases similar to yours. So, they will know how the legal apparatus works, how you must proceed, and what the possible outcome could be. It is essential to understand what you are getting yourself into before you file the case, and the legal expert can give you a pretty realistic picture, such as whether you could get your back or receive monetary compensation instead.

They will know how to gather relevant evidence to back your case

You are going to need credible evidence to prove that your job termination was illegal. It will help if you have maintained a written or video record of any workplace disputes and harassment. And, also, if you have kept pertinent emails, voicemail, text messages, phone records, work records, and so on. The lawyer will collect attested statements from witnesses and co-workers, review all the evidence, and let you know how effective it will be for your case.

They can file the case for you and look after your interests

If you are not familiar with filing legal paperwork or miss the deadline for filing, you might jeopardize your case and have the court dismiss it. However, when you hire a wrongful termination lawyer, they will go over your paperwork, make sure it is correct, and file it on time. Even if you are quite knowledgeable about legal matters, it will help to have someone competent in your corner to look out for possible pitfalls.

When should you hire a wrongful termination lawyer?

Many wrongful termination lawyers offer prospective clients a free consultation. You should take advantage of such an offer and get an honest case assessment. If they are optimistic about your chances of winning, go ahead and hire them.

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