Five Creative Hiring Tests You Need to Know About


To hire employees, an organization needs to have a well-defined employee selection process. A company has to spend both time and money when it comes to hiring new professionals. So, they need to get on-board only on those of deserving candidates. The majority of organizations think that they don’t need to have a full-proof strategy for the hiring process as they have an experienced hiring manager.

These organizations need to keep in mind that those candidates who look outstanding on paper are not necessarily the best fit for your organization. A thorough interview process lets you identify and hire talented candidates. Most companies nowadays have adopted a creative hiring test process to help you find genuine professionals and thus make your investment successful. We are going to discuss here different types of hiring tests that are huge in practice among numerous organizations.

1. Test about Job Knowledge

When it comes to job knowledge tests, it allows you to analyze a candidate’s knowledge and expertise in terms of theoretical and technical in a specific field. For instance, if you hire a digital marketer, you can ask them about basic principles related to digital marketing. These tests are effective for those jobs that need sound knowledge or vast expertise.

2. Integrity Test

It’s another crucial test that ensures the success of your hiring test and helps you find the right employees that can foster the growth of your organization. It prevents you from hiring fake, undeserving, undisciplined, or dishonest candidates.

All you need to do is to ask the candidates questions related to integration. You can make a complete assessment about personality traits associated with conscientiousness. It also helps you predict the job performance of the candidates.

3. Ask About Wrong Practices in your Organization

Candidates who participate in the interview process need to speak both good and bad things about your organization. But, when it comes to wrong practices, most of the candidates often hesitate to talk about these since they think it will make a negative impression on interviewers. And there are higher possibilities that they will not get selected.

So, while interviewing candidates, your recruitment specialists need to encourage them to speak about some bad things about your organization. It not only reflects that they are true professionals but also reflects that the way they perceive anything.

4. Ask What Changes They Prefer to Run your Business

Once the candidates explain several wrong practices about your organizations, it’s now the right time to ask them about various changes they can make in favor of your business. You can ask them a direct question about the types of changes they prefer to implement if they get an opportunity to run your company.

You can encourage them to explain all these changes clearly with certain examples and also ask them a reason to introduce all changes. After this, you can encourage them to discuss a solid strategy to implement those changes.

5. Personality Test

Personality is something that matters a lot when it comes to hiring any candidates and most of the recruiters always emphasize it. Every organization wishes to hire candidates having a great personality. Of course, you found a highly-skilled candidate and you are eager to hire them. But, do you think they can match the culture of your organizations? Well, certainly not.

For this, you need to conduct a personality assessment test that can provide you an in-depth insight into whether the candidates can fit your organization’s culture or not. Besides, it also lets you analyze whether their personality can make their job successful.

In other words, personality is directly related to the performance of any candidate. The reason is it reflects that candidate’s ability to communicate with their colleagues be it seniors or juniors. Besides, it’s also a reflection of their collaboration skills with their colleagues to ensure successful completion of their task.

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