Top Five Hiring Software Solutions for Small Businesses and Startups


A recruitment software for small businesses and startups is inevitable to hire the right talent. The capabilities of recruitment software are advancing rapidly. According to a report, Global HR technology funding saw deals of a whopping 100 million USD or more in Q3 last year.

However, with hundreds of recruitment software out there, how do you figure out which ones should you go for?

This is specifically why we have compiled today’s top five. Below is a list of recruiting software solutions that are uniquely accustomed to the requirements of startups and small businesses. So, let’s jump right to it.

#1  Workable

Workable is an easy-to-use recruiting software and comes with a 15-day free trial.

It offers several candidate-sourcing features, including access to over 200 free and premium job boards, over 700 job description templates, automated candidate outreach, and branded careers pages.

Key features include artificial intelligence-powered, one-click, candidate sourcing, advanced metrics, applicant tracking tools, and custom pipelines. However, these advanced features come with an annual subscription.

The software also comes with interview kits and scorecards to help you narrow down the number of candidates and ready-made offer letters with the eSignature feature.

Workable offers a flexible pricing model which is ideal if you have occasional or short-term recruitment requirements.

It comes at a price of $99 per job per month including all the basic features. And you can access Workable’s premium add-ons and advanced features for a customized annual fee.

#2  BambooHR

BambooHR is a popular cloud-based recruitment software for small business and the company has been in the business since 2008.

It helps you track and manage candidates from the moment they apply for a position to when leave your organization. BambooHR comes with two month-to-month plans named Essentials and Advantage and charge on a per-employee basis.

The Essentials plan comes with employee self-service options and HR management features. The Advantage plan offers additional features that track candidates throughout their tenure at your organization. You can even add advanced features such as time-tracking and performance management functionalities for extra fees. In fact, the Advantage plan is the most comprehensive software solution.

BambooHR also comes with customizable job postings and candidate screening and review, ready-to-use offers letter, eSignaures, and new hire packets. It even offers robust reporting on applicant sources, employee satisfaction, applicant funnels, and analytics on protected classes.

#3  Breezy HR

While most of the popular recruitment software for small businesses offers free trials of its software, Breezy HR comes with a totally free plan. It comes with all the basic hiring features a small business or startup requires for making infrequent hires. BreezyHR’s free plan allows for one active persona and one active candidate pool.

But as you grow, you can upgrade to a paid plan that suits your requirements. Paid plans are monthly and start at $143 per month for unlimited positions, unlimited candidate pools, and comprehensive features. However, if you do not have continuous hiring requirements, Breezy HR’s free Bootstrap plan is ideal for you.

The software distributes your job posting to over 50 job boards, infers resumes, and imports files with sourcing extension. You can also get features like sourcing a database and SMS text messaging but those come under the paid plans.

#4  Hireology

Hireology is a data-driven recruitment software for small businesses. It comes with a seven-step simple recruitment process. From interview guides, and sourcing tools to detailed reports, and reference checks, the software guides you through every step of the process.

Creating a go-to process is primarily one of the biggest challenges that startups and small businesses come across, but with Hireology, you never need to worry about that.

#5  Applicant Pro

ApplicantPro comes with a built-in applicant screening functionality. It allows you to integrate questionnaires into your job posting to ask candidates directly about their experiences and skills. And if a candidate’s answer to your questions do not meet your requirements, ApplicantPro automatically filters them out. You never need to worry about hitting “reject”. Also, another best part is their built-in skills test.

ApplicantPro comes with four types of pricing plans. However, the best one is Pay-Per-Job if you hire occasionally.

So do you have any recruitment software for small business to add?

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