Three Creative Tactics to Find and Recruit the Best Talent


Recruiting the right talent is hard. According to a SHRM survey that involved 3,300 HR professionals from various industries and company sizes; half of the respondents cited lack of relevant experience, competition from other employers, and lack of technical skills among job applicants are the primary recruitment difficulties they face.

The compensation is no longer the most important element of recruitment. Talented engineers and developers are rightfully spoiled, and their expectations from employers have skyrocketed. People want to join places where work is fun. Which company offers not just ping pong tables, but a full blown video game arcade? Which company allows backpacking for a full month a year? All these need to be considered. So, here are three creative tactics used by creative recruiters Los Angeles that should help you attract the right talent.

  1. Focus on Branding

Having a strong employer brand has evolved from a nice-to-have one to must-have. According to Blue Ivy research findings, a strong employer brand results in 50% decrease in costs per hire and increases internal referral hire rates by whopping 40%. In fact, the report says, top employer brands perform 3X better than their competitors.

Explore going beyond the basic task of attending events. Host an event to present your brand as a leader and innovator. By aligning your company as a welcoming and community first organization, candidates are likely to start recognizing and associating with your leadership and might consider joining your company when looking for job opportunities.

  1. Employ Creative Staffing Models

If you want to find and recruit the best talent, you need to go beyond traditional staffing models. One interesting model is organizing events in big cities across the country and matching candidates from leading companies. The talent is invited by referral only and companies who employ this model spend a lot of time to know about candidates before the hosting event.

Another is social recruitment. LinkedIn and Twitter are great places to find talented employees. Companies can share job postings, and develop a good relationship with potential candidates. In fact, social recruitment is the fastest, easiest and effective way of finding and recruiting the best talent.

  1. Treat Recruitment Process like Online Dating

Surprisingly, recruiting and dating has many similarities. In online dating, you are on the lookout for the perfect partner and in recruiting you are looking for a perfect employee. We are living in a digital world and it’s worth exploring if treating the recruitment process like online dating can work.

You already have the tools. For example, the Ladders app allows you to input the types of professionals you are looking for and you get a feed of qualifying candidates. You can swipe right or left to dismiss candidates or save them for later.

The recruiter Los Angeles can conduct 1-3 interviews before taking a final decision. A smartphone screen, a career history review and a detailed interview that tests candidates for required skills are enough to know whether the candidate fits the bill. Using different interviews at different stages ensure you have the data to take the right decision about the candidate.

Today’s candidates are aware of the competitive landscape and also know their worth. They see opportunities everywhere and if the employer makes it difficult to apply or delays responding to their applications, they move ahead to the next job opportunity. The above given creative tactics will ensure you will find the right candidate and also save your time and money while recruiting top talent.

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