How Recruitment Agencies Can Help Employers


Every employer knows the difficulty in recruiting and the consequences of a bad hire.  It is time-consuming and tedious process which leads to loss of significant amount of productive time that can be put to better use. This is the reason why employers turn towards staffing agencies for help. Here are few ways in which recruitment agencies Los Angeles can help employers.

Manage the Administrative Chores

Recruiting involves many time-consuming tasks such as sorting out resumes, preparing interview questions for each job profile, conducting preliminary interviews, evaluating candidates, and performing background checks.

A good recruiting agency can take responsibility for all above-mentioned recruitment related tasks and free the employer to focus on critical business tasks.

Search for Candidates Instead of Responding to Applications

A recruitment agency can actively search for candidates versus limiting your organization to select candidates who have sent their job applications. Staffing agencies Los Angeles have access to different resources when it comes to finding potential candidates. They have their own talent pools and have connections in the creative industry and job market.

Sometimes it is hard for organizations to find candidates with specific technical or specialized skills. Most of the time, the only solution is to find passive candidates who are working elsewhere or not actively look for a job.  Finding and reaching passive candidates is not always possible through traditional recruitment channels. Employers need a different approach – and reach such prospects through recruiting agencies.

Recruiting agencies are in touch with employed professionals who are interested in better opportunities and can quietly reach such prospects.  Such candidates do not check internet job boards regularly and might never know about job opportunity unless someone tells them.

Find the Right Candidate

It is just not enough to select a candidate with right skills and work experience; the candidate should fit into the organization culture.   Cultural fit is an important trait in recruiting. It is necessary to consider organizational culture and see whether the candidate can sync with the culture.

The recruiting agency can take a third-party view of the organizational culture and assess which prospective candidates can swim or drown in the corporate culture.

Help with Employer Brand

A strong employer brand has become a necessity in the corporate world, as it helps attract top talent. Large companies are spending big to build an employer brand but it is not possible for small businesses to allocate funds to build an employer brand. Recruiting agencies can be of great help to build an employer brand.

The recruiting agency can expose prospective candidates to the larger picture of what it would be like working in the organization. Recruiting agencies can create videos that give employees virtual tour of the office and a chance to see how employees interact with each other during lunch session or meetings. All this will lead to the creation of a good employer brand and prospects will be more eager to join the organization.

Help Deal with Workload

Hiring freelance employees is the best solution to deal with workloads and complete projects on time. But hiring a temporary employee is not as easy as it seems.

Recruitment agencies can help you get temporary employees on board quickly as they take care of all procedures that need to be followed while hiring temporary employees.  In some cases, recruitment agencies can take temporary employees on their payroll thus giving your organization freedom from the onboarding process.

Help in Onboarding of New Employees

The recruiting process doesn’t end with the final interview and selection of the candidate. The staffing agency has a stake in the success of both parties- the employer and the new recruit.  They offer plenty of resources to the new recruits to help them perform at their highest level.

Help in Retention

Employers that engage recruitment agencies for temporary employees get an opportunity to observe performance, work quality and ethics before offering the temporary employee a permanent job. This can lead to huge savings especially with respect to training costs and other intangible costs related to recruiting new candidates. Employers can retain good temporary employees and end contract with average performing employees.

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