How to Find a Good Employee Lawyer


When it comes to finding a lawyer, it is quite clear that you are not in a normal state of mind. And finding a trustworthy lawyer would seem to be a daunting task. If you have been illegally terminated from your job or being harassed or discriminated against at the workplace, then only an employment lawyer would be able to help you. An employee lawyer from his experience can analyze your case and suggest the best possible way to come out of the mess.

Since there are many risks involved in such matters including your financial state and your career, choosing the right lawyer is the most important thing. You can look for employee lawyer Los Angeles and you are going to get enough results on the internet. But you would again think that there are a lot of lawyers out there and which right one should I pick? Well, here are a few tips that would help you find a good employment lawyer to take care of all your troubles.

Get referrals

This is one of the safest ways to find a trustworthy and experienced employee lawyer. You can ask your friends and family or your office colleagues if they know any good lawyers that they have worked with. If you get a few contacts through them, ask about the kind of cases they had and what was the whole process, how much time did it take in the court, and what was the verdict. Knowing these things will clear out the confusion in your head.

Check the bar association website

Since you got a few names of the employee lawyers from your friends and family, now you can go ahead and check out the bar website where you can find the details of these lawyers. On the state bar website, you can find information like address, phone, email, education of the lawyer, the involvement of the state bar sections, their status history, practice specialty, website address, and other useful information. This is the best place to find out all the credentials of the lawyers.

Check out the employee lawyer’s website

From the bar association website, you can visit the lawyer’s websites where you will be able to find out more details about the lawyer. You can find the type of cases that lawyer has taken up to date, what the clients are saying about that lawyer, how is their process, is there a free consultation, what is the fee structure, etc. when you come across these details, you will be able to shortlist the list of lawyers to make a final decision.

Book an appointment

The best way to reach a final decision to hire an employee lawyer is to talk face to face. Book an appointment with the lawyer and ask him different questions. Your list of questions should include:

• How much is your experience in employment law?

• How many claims have you handled that match to mine to date and what were the results?

• Are you directly involved in the case or do you deploy your associates to the case?

• How do you plan to update me on my case?

• How is the communication process is going to be?

Generally, these questions can be asked before you finalize your employee lawyer. If you have anything else apart from this to ask, you must go ahead and clear out all the confusion.

Fee structure

Money is the main concern for any of the court cases. And before you process, you must ask about the lawyer’s fee as different lawyers have varied fee structure. Majority of the lawyers in the employment area who are from the plaintiff’s side work contingency fee which means that your lawyer will get the fees only if you win the case. Thus, it is better to clear out before you say yes.

The kind of lawyer you need for your case depends on what you are looking for. Look for the right things, follow a process while you find the best lawyer, and once you find it put all your trust in that person. Make sure you are doing it right and you will get positive results.

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