How Long Does a Wrongful Termination Case Take to Resolve?


Many of us think that when it comes to a court case, it is going to be there in your life till eternity. But then, you also need to believe that all of this depends upon what type of case it is and most importantly, is there any way to get it settled out of court. In case of wrongful termination, it is completely going to depend upon on what grounds the wrongful termination case has been filed. And If you are thinking to file a case of wrongful termination against your employer, then the very first thing that you need to do is to look for a lawyer. You can find a good lawyer by searching on the internet wrongful termination lawyers Los Angeles and you will be able to find many options.

If you have been terminated from your job for a discriminatory reason or retaliation, then you be sure that a lawyer can help you in getting a claim for wrongful termination. So again, how much time is the wrongful termination case is going to take? So, here is what you need to know.

Filing for discrimination charges

According to the standard procedure when you decide to file a wrongful termination suit before that you must first file a complaint of discrimination with the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and co file the charges with the state authority as well. Once you file the charges with the EEOC, then it investigates the claim for 180 days and after 180 days, if nothing happens, then you can ask for a ‘right to sue’ letter. This way you can go ahead and file the wrongful termination lawsuit in court. And once it goes to court then it takes around six months to one year to resolve the case.

One year or longer

Well, it depends. Usually, wrongful termination cases in California take around a year or longer to go to court. But the cases that are higher in value which means if the charges are serious, then it is going to take longer than two years as the plaintiff would have to fight a long and hard battle to make the case stronger and authentic. And, the employer needs to work hard to make sure that the plaintiff’s case is weak and holds no value.

For the smaller type of wrongful termination cases, they usually wrap up in a few months as the employee or the corporation also does not find any economic value in stretching the case for long. But you must be able to spot that every case holds a different value and cannot be compared, and you cannot predict the time, that case is going to take to get resolved. You are assured that the case is going to get settled some or the other day, but other factors are involved and affect the time of the case.

Experience of the wrongful termination lawyer

The time is taken for your wrongful termination case to resolve also heavily depends upon what lawyer you choose. The more the experience, the better and quicker will be the results. The experience of the lawyer plays a huge role in the case as he or she will be able to open a line of communication with the other party and convince them to settle the case is the only option that is in their best interest. You must hire an experienced lawyer who would give you the real picture of the case and try every possible thing to resolve the case as soon as possible.

Backlog of cases

In California, the court cases have piled up and the courts are understaffed and overworked. In such situations, the pressure on the judge is too much and that is why many of the time it happens that the judge sets the date of the trial for two years and that is in no one’s control.

All in all, no one can tell how much time it is going to take to resolve a wrongful termination case. All you have in control is to hire a good wrongful termination lawyer and have faith and patience in the situation.

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