The Secret of Effective Team Building


There’s one great word you must know whether you need to improve teamwork viability. That word? “Trust.” When individuals in your teamwork inside a culture they trust, with individuals they charge, and with cycles and methodology they depend on, any objective they set will have a more prominent possibility of being accomplished. In any case, what makes this experience of team trust?

The answer lies in effective team building activities Miami, and here are three ways an effective team can be built.

1.Through a responsibility system: When individuals connect with and take an interest completely in this responsibility framework, they advantage through more noteworthy execution, profitability, and confidence. Working with their teams, they’re likewise more able to issue tackle, develop and transform significant associations into extraordinary ones, especially ones with a reason and that vibe like they matter and have some quantifiable level of effect.

2. In a protected workplace.:Regarding “safe,” we don’t simply mean trust happens when individuals have a feeling of actual wellbeing (that ought to be guaranteed); however, a protected culture wherein individuals experience mental security. In this kind of team climate, they believe they can talk their reality and are allowed to communicate their sentiments and thoughts unafraid of response or humiliation. Safe workplaces have strategies, systems, and unwritten principles that secure individuals mentally and even inwardly.

3. With the perfect individuals installed: While you need individuals who are top in their field, what’s similar if not more significant is that those you recruit are trustworthy, are self-trained, and show regard for themselves as well as other people. The suitable individuals will bring a disposition of activity and energy to team associations and objective accomplishment, plainly siphoning individuals up and revitalizing to the goals set.

The factors shall surely help contribute to the effective team building system but are just not the way around. There are several other activities like team bonding activities that strengthen the team bond in your organization, especially in the beautiful city of Miami. Just book a workout at one of our list’s great team-building ideas in Miami.

1. Take a visit through the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a beautiful estate initially implicit in the 1910s, and it’s presently a noteworthy public milestone. This fascination allows guests to visit through the main house, the Renaissance-style gardens, local timberlands, and the sky is the limit from there. This is an extraordinary beginning stage for a conversation on antiquated and contemporary artistry that your team can proceed with at supper or back at the workplace.

2. Attempt some interesting mixes at Schnebly Winery: The province of Florida isn’t known for its wine, as grapes don’t fill well in heat and humidities. However, Schnebly Winery hasn’t let that stop them: they produce creative wines made with tropical organic products, including guava, organic energy, and surprisingly avocado! Take your team for a visit through Schnebly Winery, and make the most of their excellent tasting room while testing their most recent wines.

3. See a play in a steel trailer at Microtheater Miami. The Microtheather is an entirely different method of encountering the theater! Initially began in Madrid, the Miami setting allows you to inundate yourself in 15-minute short plays in one or the other English or Spanish inside 15-seat steel trailers. Each game is played out a few times each night, so come early and get them all! Likewise, there’s a deck with food and beverages on the location where you can talk about the exhibitions. This is one of the more loosened-up team-building thoughts in Miami that is ideal for bilingual teams searching for an unpredictable party time insight.

whether you work downtown or simply visit the city for a gathering or show, Miami is an excellent objective for the team holding encounters. With its exceptional blend of warm climate, current craftsmanship, and Cuban American culture, there’s a here thing for everybody.

Advantages of Pre-Employment Testing in the Organization


One wrong decision can devastate your business. When it comes to employee selection, the majority of businesses take it lightly and never chalk out a solid strategy to carry out it properly. And this is the actual reason why they hire the wrong candidates who prove to be a disaster for your business.

In the employee selection process, recruiters perform a myriad of activities like resume screening, interviews, etc. But, these are helpful only to know about candidates’ background, specialization, experience, etc. Meanwhile, these will never let you know whether the candidates are capable of delivering up to your expectation.

Pre-employment tests come as the right solutions in this arena. It works effectively in streamlining your entire recruitment process to make it more result-oriented. We are going to discuss various other advantages of a pre employment tests that lets you know why it is beneficial for your organization.

1. Make Hiring Process Less-time Consuming

When it comes to the employee selection process, it consists of numerous steps like resume reviewing, verifying details, conducting interviews, etc. To complete all these activities, recruitment professionals spend lots of time. And this is the reason why the hiring process is time-consuming.

The good news is that you can make the entire process of the employee selection process less time-consuming. The credit goes to pre-employment testing that witnessed its higher acceptance among many organizations. It eliminates various steps that professionals go through to know whether the candidates match the job criteria or not. For instance, it prevents recruiters from indulging themselves in interviewing candidates.

2. Increase Employee Retention

Employee retention is a clear indication for any organization is that it’s in favor of giving its staff a wonderful chance for their growth. It is a good way to increase their market reputation and thus, makes them a trustworthy brand. But, it’s also the truth that only a couple of organizations manage to witness an impressive employee retention rate.

Meanwhile, you can increase the employee retention rate of your business through pre-employment testing. It ensures a higher employee retention rate by minimizing voluntary turnover while giving you a kind of surety that candidates have realistic expectations about their jobs. Besides, it can also reduce the turnover and also ensure that candidates possess the required skills and also capability of performing their task successfully.

3. Improve Efficiency and Performance of your Team

According to experts, pre-employment tests especially those that are stimulation based provide results in terms of ability to perform and overall productivity of employees with accuracy. The actual value of effective pre-employment tests is something that depends on factors such as job relevance, accuracy, etc.

Apart from this, a highly effective pre-employment test boosts the confidence of your recruitment team in terms of the candidate is set to take on the role while matching the performance expectation.

4. Conduct Structured Interview

Sometimes, it happens that a hiring manager over-predicts about candidate’s skills and makes a wrong hiring decision. You need to remember that this is legally wrong. In this case, if you wish to fire candidates, there are possibilities that they will file a case against your business for the discriminatory selection process. You will find the most difficulty when it comes to defending your hiring professionals.

Therefore, conducting a pre-employment test lets you organize a fully structured interview that lets you guide your decision of hiring. It also enables you to be more specific about the actual reasons for not selecting any candidates.

5. Get Detailed Feedback

Organizing a pre-employment test lets you find detailed and objective feedback. It enables you to get an idea about the way candidates analyze anything and write the answer accordingly. It makes your job easy to know how the candidates will perform their job and also whether they can fit into the culture of your organization or not. And for all these, you don’t even need to conduct a personal interview.

These are standardized test that means that you can measure a variety of skills along with personality traits. Apart from this, these are also helpful in letting you determine things like initiative, leadership, reliability, etc. These are something that you will not get an idea about interviewing candidates.

The Increasing Importance of Direct Hire Staffing Agencies


Direct hire staffing agencies make it much easier for businesses to find quality candidates to fill open positions within their establishments. In today’s fast-paced business world, there are often not enough hours in the day to accomplish what seems like an ever-growing list of tasks. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important to outsource whatever you can to a team of professionals who are able to help. Finding talent to fill vacant positions within a company is clearly of the utmost importance, but outsourcing this task does not have to be frightening. Direct hire staffing agencies simply do the hard part for you, so that you can reap the benefits without piling more work onto your own plate.

How Direct Hire Staffing Agencies Find Talent

When people hear the term “staffing agency,” they often think of agencies that specialize in recruiting temporary or contract employees. However, as the importance of direct hire possibilities increases, so do direct hire staffing agencies. Rather than trying to find someone to work for a few months to cover vacations, staffing agencies also offer temporary-to-permanent positions, as well as direct hire positions to their talent networks. Direct hire consultants specialize in targeted recruiting, sourcing, and negotiating complex compensation packages for elite talent. These staffing agencies negotiate the vetting process on behalf of your business, and work within their extensive talent network to find precisely what your company needs. Due to their access to a large talent network, direct hire staffing agencies are often able to locate a match for your company’s vacancy in much less time than it may take your HR department to do the same.

Using a Staffing Agency Over Human Resources

When a company is searching for talent to fill a particular position, it can sometimes take their Human Resources department up to six months to try to find the right person for the role. Once posting an available position online, your HR department will likely be flooded with hundreds of applications to sift through. Selecting candidates from these applications and interviewing those with potential is a very time-consuming process. Even still, there is no guarantee that the person selected will work out in the end, and hiring anyone at all requires a leap of faith.

In contrast, a direct hire staffing agency already has a large talent network to choose from, prior to your job vacancy. These agencies already know their people and where their strengths lie, ensuring a good fit within the organizations that they are matched with. Once receiving notification of an available position at your company, it isn’t unheard of for a direct hire staffing agency to locate a qualified individual within a week or so of first contact. Each individual with an agency’s talent pool is expertly assessed to ensure that both technical skills and corporate culture fit will be a match within your organization. As these individuals have been thoroughly examined prior to placement, the chances of long-term success are much higher than the new hires found through your HR department.

How to Manage Freelancers without Losing Your Mind


According to a recent Forbes forecast report, by 2020 one in two people will be a freelancer.  The report also says traditional hiring is decreasing and the next team you might be leading could have many freelancers.

Managing freelancers is a bit different from regular employees, as there is no hierarchical relation with them. If your company decides to hire freelancers, how do you lead them to achieve great output? Here are some tips on “how to manage freelancers” that will help you lead your freelance workforce with zero difficulty.

Understand Their Needs

Before you discuss the project with the freelancers, first try to understand their needs. You can ask questions like

  • What do they expect from the project?
  • What do they expect from the organization for lending their talent?

Don’t assume money is the only reason they have chosen to work in your organization. There can be many reasons for freelancers participating in your company’s project such as the opportunity to work with great people or reputed organization, enhance their skill set, or any other reason. Once you know their expectations, you can help them achieve it.

Communicate Clearly

Inefficient communication with freelancers will often lead to an imperfect piece of work. You need to tell them exactly about your expectations and the needs of the project. For example, do you want them to refer to a particular source? Do you have a specific inspiration for the design?

Whatever you have in mind related to project, note it down and communicate it to them. Before starting the project, share as much information about your industry and target audience with them. The sooner you and freelancers sync, the faster turnaround you can expect.

Communicate the project and scope of work clearly. Ensure the freelancers know following things related to project – budget, deadlines, what’s needed, and deliverables. Don’t keep anything open-ended.

Make Them Part of Your Team

Just because freelancers are in your organization for a limited time or specific project, it does not mean you treat them indifferently. One of the important tips to manage freelancers is – you need to make freelancers feel part of your team.

Invite them to team and project meetings. Ask questions about their hobbies, family, and other interests. The main goal is to know them better and also make them feel comfortable which will enhance communication and productivity. However, take a look at organization compliance rules regarding sharing of important information related to project.

Don’t Micromanage

Always remember freelancers have chosen their way of work (freelance) because they love freedom. Though, discipline and guidance are important aspects when leading a team. It does not mean you micro manage their schedule or their creative process.

You need to give them enough freedom and flexibility in schedules. Remember, you might not be their only client and you cannot demand all of their time. However, you need to be clear about the project schedule and ensure your project work does not suffer due to their limited dedication.

Give Feedback

You should not restrict feedback to your regular employees only. Always give effective feedback to your freelancers. Giving them honest feedback will help them improve their performance and also build a foundation for better understanding.

The feedback need not be long and you can always limit it to a few minutes. Tell them where they went wrong, how it fails to achieve the project objective and ask them to align their work accordingly. Regularly discuss the sheet of work, the milestones they have achieved or deadline they have missed.

If they are doing a good job, praise them in front of others. If they are not performing as per expectations, you can always ask them to increase efforts and deliver satisfying results.

Pay Them Well

Always pay market rate to your freelancers and pay them on time. Freelancers often discuss their clients and their experience with their likes and your organization will get a bad reputation if you pay them below market rates. Chances are top freelancers might not show interest in your projects in future.

Since 50% of the workforce is expected to be freelancers by 2020, your organization should aim to become an employer of choice for freelancer community by paying them well.

The “how to manage freelancer” tips will help you keep freelance workforce motivated and happy. Always remember, the key is striking balance between leadership and managerial aspect when managing freelancers.

Creative Teams: How to Lead and Manage Them


Leading and managing a team is difficult enough. However, leading creative teams is more challenging as you have to maintain the delicate balance of inspiration, creativity, and productivity.  When leading creative teams you have to exhibit more emotional intelligence to handle all of your team members. Here are a few tips that will help you in leading and managing creative teams.

Know the Basic Principles of Your Team’s Creative Process                                                       

Not knowing the basic principles of the different creative process will prevent you from guiding your team in the right direction. For example, if you are managing a team ( of graphic designers, you need to be aware of basic design principles such as color blocking, alignment, contrast, repetition, proximity, and others.

When you are knowledgeable it will easy for you to articulate the client’s vision and expectations to the team members. This will save a lot of working hours that would be otherwise spent on rework. This will enhance the productivity of your team.

Having knowledge of basic principles of the creative process will enhance your leadership competence and build a positive perception of your leadership amongst team members. However, it is necessary you don’t micro-manage the project or limit the potential activity of creative individuals in your team.

Don’t Act like a Boss

There is an old saying “Don’t be a Boss, be a Leader”. This fits perfectly with a team of creative professionals. Creative people are independent-minded and don’t like being told what to do. When managing creative teams, you need to ensure your actions do not hinder their creative thinking or ability in any way.

After you assemble a creative team, the best thing you can do is to get out of their way. This does not mean abandoning your team. You need to be always present with them to guide when needed, to provide honest feedback and listen to their concerns.

A good team manager will remove all obstructions from the team’s path and ensure they are able to become creative without any distraction.

Help your team to grow by offering opportunities to learn and learn new things from their failure that will make them perform better.

Encourage Your Team

A little encouragement goes a long way in inspiring creative individuals. Creative ideologies differ with every individual and thing that appears as a masterpiece to you might be ordinary for another person. A large amount of creative work is so much subjective that it is difficult to critically review and it can be only a matter of opinion.

When providing feedback, be honest about what is good and what needs to be reworked. However, take the time to appreciate the hard work that has been put in by the team. Constructive criticism works well when leading creating teams. You have to balance your words and encourage your team to put in more efforts if the project is not going in the right direction.

Give Them Breaks

People love to do a good job at their work and creative people are no different. Creative work can be mentally tiring at times and breaks become essential to wipe out the monotony and refresh the mind. Encourage your team members to take breaks when needed to keep the creative juices flowing.

Beware of each team member’s bandwidth and suggest to him or her to take a break if you feel they are exhausted or mentally tired. Suggest they go away from their computer monitor during breaks. Always give them a few minutes to relax, recoup and refresh their mind.

Communicate Clearly

Good and clear communication can help you keep misunderstandings at bay. It also ensures you and team are on the same page while working on the project. Keep your client well informed about the work progress and engage your team when finalizing milestones and deliverables.

If company rules permit, engage the team in early planning including risk planning. When you communicate and engage your team members more often, they develop a sense of ownership towards the project. This increases their commitment, motivation and they are encouraged to give their best to the project and make it a success.

The tips provided should make the task of managing creative teams relatively easy for you. Remember, unexpected hurdles can stall or slow the progress of a project. However with support from your team and by nurturing creativity with the tips shared, you will be able to run the project smoothly.

How to Make Powerful First Impressions & Guarantee Follow Up


How many times have you heard someone say, “You never get a second chance at a first impression” or “Never hire anyone who reports to you that you don’t like from a first impression?”


Could we make meeting someone for the first time sound any more daunting?  Humans are judgmental creatures, that’s a fact.  Most social scientists agree that first impressions are formed within the first 7-11 seconds of meeting someone new.

If this is true, how can you make your first few seconds count and ensure that you make a favorable and lasting impression that leaves the other party begging to follow up with you?

You simply follow the formula.

Psychologists have been studying the “first-impression bias” for decades and because of this research we know there is a science to making a powerful first impression. A motivated individual can use this information to create a bulletproof first impression system that guarantees results.

Why do first impressions matter so much?

A first impression can provide opportunities that may not be readily available if a favorable impression is not made. If you don’t like or trust someone when meeting them for the first time would you offer them a job? Would you make introductions for them? Probably not.

So how do you show that you’re trustworthy, likeable, and competent in the blink of an eye? Focus on the ABC’SS.

  1. Appearance is Key

As much as well all like to believe the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” axiom, when it comes to first impressions your appearance is a major factor. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a Tom Ford suit or carry a Louis Vuitton handbag to look sharp.  But you should dress for success.

A recent study by Hajo Adam and Adam D. Galinsky  published in The Journal of Experimental Psychology scientifically proves that what we wear effects how we act.

In the study, 3 separate groups were asked to spot the differences in 2 nearly identical pictures. Before asking the subjects to review the photos one group was given a Dr.’s coat, one group a painter’s smock, and the final group wore no coat.

The group wearing the Dr.’s coat consistently found the most differences between the 2 pictures. When asked to describe the people in the photos, the “Doctors” were also the most critical and judgmental of the photo subjects.

Your appearance affects how you interact with others and how you’re perceived by others. If you met someone for the first time would you rather be wearing smelly gym clothes or a great looking outfit guaranteed to give you compliments? Don’t fight an uphill battle, simply put yourself together before heading into a situation where you need to make a favorable first impression when meeting someone new.

  1. Body Language Basics

The next aspect in the science of first impressions is in how you carry yourself and your communication skills. What does your body say before you even open your mouth? Do you look friendly, open, and approachable?

Over 50% of your communication is done through the use of body language, tonality, and hand gestures. Remember, when meeting someone for the first time the other person sees you long before you get a chance to speak.

Mark Bowden pokes fun at the speed in which first impressions are made in a recent TED talk [TED Stage]. He explains that by the time he reached center stage to begin his presentation the majority of the audience had already decided what they thought of him.

Through visual clues such as his appearance, facial expression, body posture, the audience formed an impression before the presentation even started.

The goal is to portray a combination of confidence and competence through your appearance and non-verbal cues so that when you do start talking, you’re already in a favorable position.

How is this accomplished? Start with your head up & shoulders back. Stand up straight and keep your hands visible.  Be sure to smile. Fidgeting hands and shifty eyes show nervousness, which can crush your credibility instantly.

  1. Compliments Are Worth Their Weight In Gold

During a first impression goal number one should be to charm and disarm. One of the most effective ways of building instant rapport is as simple as giving a genuine personalized compliment.

The National Institute of Physiological Science at the University of Tokyo did a study regarding how people react when given a compliment. The study determined that when someone hears a personalized compliment, specific to them, their brain reacts in the same section as if the participant was given a cash reward.

Use this biological feedback loop to your advantage and create a specific, personalized compliment within the first few moments of meeting someone. Maybe you weren’t wearing your finest clothes, or they caught you slumped in a booth at the coffee shop, a well-placed compliment is like a “get out of jail free card”.

When looking to provide a meaningful compliment, choose something unique that person and something that took effort on their part. Women’s hair, men’s watches, and shoes (for both sexes) are always great targets for compliments. Complimenting on something the other person has little or no control over will not create the same desired result.

  1. Speak up & Stop Mumbling

Most people tend to speak quieter and enunciate less when they are nervous. This lack of confidence results in subconsciously making yourself seem small, quiet, and unthreatening. Unfortunately, it also ruins your first impression and causes you to be seen as a mumbling mess.

When it comes to your introduction don’t try for a witty one liner or a rehearsed joke that could backfire in your face. Start with a simple, “Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Brandon Slater”. Using your full name during an introduction helps you to seem more important and professional.

Speak at an appropriate level and enunciate your words. Be clear and concise about who you are, what value you can bring to the other person, and how you can be helpful. It’s not about proving your worth, it’s about discovering how you can become a valuable relationship to the other person by being insanely helpful.

  1. Stay in the Moment

We are currently living the most ADD generation in history. In the last 15 years, our attention span has dropped from 15 seconds to a measly 8.25 seconds according to StatisticBrain.  What does that mean for first impressions? It gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd in a fantastic way if you play your cards right.

Make a concentrated effort to give your undivided attention to the other person for the first 10 seconds of meeting them. Rather than think about what to say, actually listen to the other person as they speak. It may sound simple, the rules of etiquette haven’t changed all that much. So remember to mind your manners.

Focus on maintaining eye contact and actively listening as the other person speaks. They’ll normally give you plenty of information to use to continue the conversation. If you truly want to stand out from the crowd, avoid the generic “so what do you do” style of questions. Be genuinely curious and interested in the other person and let the conversation flow.

Overall, a great first impression stems from your ability to show confidence and interest in the other person. Use the appropriate non-verbal cues to show your openness, speak clearly, and use compliments.

A first impression is created in just a few moments but that impact, if done well, can last a lifetime. Like most skills, becoming a first impression expert takes practice. So start today! Start in low stakes environments like coffee shops or the grocery store and hone your skills.

That way you know when you really need to shine before your next job interview or networking event you’ll have mastered the art of the first impression and have the confidence to back it up and leave the other person begging to follow up with you.

Eric Wargo & explain that in the time it takes for you to blink your eye, your brain has already created its initial impression. In this fraction of a second decisions regarding trust, likability and friendliness are made. Dr. Nadia Brown, MD & Dr. Michael Solomon, PhD believe that there are 11 critical decisions made in the first 7 seconds of your first impression. This is where the common belief a first impression takes 7 seconds stems from.

Although you may not be presenting in front of thousands, or looking to become best friends with everyone you meet, showing your best side during a first impression will lead to more pleasant encounters, stronger relationships and more opportunities.

To guarantee you are presenting the best version of yourself, one that is most likely to have a favorable response, we have put together the 5 simple and effective tips.

How Does a Staffing Agency Help You?


Staffing agencies are one of the most important components of keeping your creative staffing needs on track. They play an important role in the progress and success of organizations that require digital creative talent. A typical staffing agency fills the gaps between employee and employer, but a creative recruiter offers much more than that.

Misconceptions about Staffing Agency:

There is a general misconception regarding the creative staffers, that they are too expensive. However, it is a myth. Many organizations consider recruitment as a redundant activity that adds an extra burden on their balance sheet. But, they fail to understand that this small saving may cost them much more in the long-term. An incorrect hire can bring huge losses to the company if you lose even one client due to this.

Many companies consider the fees of recruitment agency as the top parameter for making a selection. This method of scrutinizing does not work in creative talent acquisition. Candidates with appropriate creative talent are hard to find at any stage. But, experienced staffing agencies Los Angeles can find them early and nurture them with ongoing training.

Success Lies in Proper Talent Acquisition:

Instead of simply paying for an employee, try to pay based on the value of the talent. This approach will surely enhance the growth and success of your company. It is needless to say that hiring the best talent is imperative for the success of your enterprise. In this regard, reliable recruiters can find employees who will work towards the growth of your business. When hiring from a long-term perspective, you must find the candidates possessing the right combination of skills and experience for a particular position. Also, it is crucial to retain the best talents with an effective onboarding. Here, you can trust the expertise of creative recruiters specialized in this domain.

Why Do You Need A Staffing Agency?

An effective recruitment process encompasses advertising of the job opening, accepting applications, scrutinizing them, interviewing candidates, and choosing the right candidate. If you don’t have time for this extensive procedure, then you have every valid reason to approach a staffing agency in Los Angeles. Recruitment is an ongoing process. You need to be prepared if the workload increases or someone switches roles in your company.

Due to their busy schedule, business owners do not have ample time to work on these strategies and take on the duties of constantly recruiting. Vacant posts in the creative industry cost a lot to a company’s performance. Hence, hiring a staffing agency is the best option to stay competitive in the market. They can manage all the procedures of employment and can recruit every type of employee, whether a freelancer or full-time worker.

Benefits of Staffing Agencies:

They Work With Top Notch Talent:

Every creative company seeks top-notch candidates possessing an incredible caliber of creativity. It requires a different approach to find such talent and acquire them for your entrepreneurial success. Creative recruitment companies have years of experience to track such talent in Los Angeles. An efficient and skilled recruiter can certainly assure to provide high-quality staffing services as and when you need them.

They Understand Your Talent Requirements:

Every creative organization has unique talent requirements. Experienced recruiters can easily evaluate and anticipate these needs. They understand your requirements and find the talent fulfilling the needs and culture of your organization.

They Have an Active Pool of Talent:

It is rightly said that you should dig a well before you get thirsty. The same is the scenario for recruiters. Staffing agencies persistently filter through the market of creative talents to find the best candidates suitable for a position. They create a pool of candidates who have made indelible impressions in the creative world. Their acquisition process is ongoing and they constantly increase this pool for the benefit of your company.

They Guarantee The Best Talent:

An experienced recruiter in Los Angeles offers a guarantee to provide talented hiring for every need. They have a huge database of potential candidates for every category. They can process the list and find the best candidate for your company as soon as you disclose your placement needs to the recruiters.

They Enable Fast Recruitment:

In a creative industry, every team memeber has a significant impact on the performance of the company. Hence, it is never advisable to leave a seat vacant for a long time. They can provide fast recruitment for every job opening.

Staffing agencies in New York are becoming the top preference of companies that need creative workers. You should hire an exceptional creative team with the help of staffing agencies for attaining success in this sector.

Getting the Best Recruiting Agency to Find the Best Candidates for the Job


Hiring for the creative digital niche can be challenging for most organizations. Often, you are so busy with your marketing strategies, client-facing communications, and management tasks that you can’t find time for handling recruitments. Remember, inept hiring not only wastes money and time, but also hampers your business.

If don’t have enough time to recruit for your company, it is always preferable to take the help of professional recruiting agency Los Angeles to hire capable candidates. It is rightly said that instead of hiring a large team, emphasize on recruiting a few talented candidates. A crisp and precise talent acquisition is the key to success with your creative team.

Why Recruiting Agencies? 

Choosing an ideal recruiting agency is necessary for creative digital industry. It gives an extra edge leading to success. Recruiters vet the candidates on various parameters to evaluate their level of creativity in the field. Moreover, they adopt various measures to assess a candidate’s creative intelligence, personality, and other aspects that are important as an employee.

When hiring for a position that commands responsibility and creativity, you need an employee who can take your company to the next level. Here, a detailed evaluation of the company and its work culture help to find the perfect blend of talent for placement. The experienced recruiters emphasize on understanding the culture of your company. They can evaluate your requirements to provide the most suitable candidates.

Recruiters Los Angeles can do talent acquisition on the higher levels as well. Through their unique vetting process, they create a pool of talented candidates. Whenever a creative company needs a particular talent, these recruiters can offer the same with ease and dexterity. Whether you need a freelancer or a permanent employee, they are capable of filling every gap in your company with the most talented people on the board.

What to Look for in a Recruiting Agency?

You have to be vigilant while selecting a recruiting agency in Los Angeles. An agency must deliver value propositions like high-tech recruiting, technology-driven solutions, and high-scale network.

The main purpose served by a recruiter is to connect job seekers and employers. Additionally, in the modern times, they are on the next level recruitment processing where they offer services like publishing the job listings, vetting the candidates, picking the right talent, and sometimes onboarding in your organization. They offer a comprehensive suite of services ranging from scrutinizing the resumes to finalizing the candidates for a position. Here are the factors to be considered when looking for the best recruitment agencies.

Know the Agency:

It is important to know about your recruitment agency before you sign an agreement with them. It is somewhat like doing your homework for evaluating the candidates. Check their social media connections to know about their experience and working style. With this evaluation, you can understand the true potential of a recruiter and assess if they are showing their skills over.

Interview Them Extensively:

Interview or discuss with them whether they are working for the same caliber of talent acquisition as required by your company. Check their database of candidates to ascertain if they possess the talent that you need for your organization. You must also ask about the time taken to fill the positions and stay updated about the process of hiring.

Know their Terms:

Evaluate the terms and conditions of the agency as many of them have rigid procurement contracts. Such severe terms can make hiring a nightmare for you. However, the best recruiters always follow flexible methods to help your company in finding the suitable talents in Los Angeles.

Consider their Track Record:

The expertise of a recruitment company can be evaluated through its track record. Their expertise in hiring, their network, and outreach to the candidates as well as the strategies adopted to unleash the fresh talent should be tracked proactively to evaluate their ability in talent acquisition. It is equally important to know if the recruiter is hiring candidates in the same vertical in which your company deals.

Consider their Experience:

Creative recruitment can be intimidating. Here, an experienced agency can make a huge difference to find the most talented candidates. Experienced recruiters adapt to the process of hiring creative talent and have skills to explore the best employees for your company. Instead of opting for an amateur company lacking experience of hiring for every domain, you must prefer the agencies having ample experience under their belt even if it costs a little extra.

These are the strategies that you should follow for finding the best recruiting agency for your talent acquisition process.

How Recruitment Agencies Can Help Employers


Every employer knows the difficulty in recruiting and the consequences of a bad hire.  It is time-consuming and tedious process which leads to loss of significant amount of productive time that can be put to better use. This is the reason why employers turn towards staffing agencies for help. Here are few ways in which recruitment agencies Los Angeles can help employers.

Manage the Administrative Chores

Recruiting involves many time-consuming tasks such as sorting out resumes, preparing interview questions for each job profile, conducting preliminary interviews, evaluating candidates, and performing background checks.

A good recruiting agency can take responsibility for all above-mentioned recruitment related tasks and free the employer to focus on critical business tasks.

Search for Candidates Instead of Responding to Applications

A recruitment agency can actively search for candidates versus limiting your organization to select candidates who have sent their job applications. Staffing agencies Los Angeles have access to different resources when it comes to finding potential candidates. They have their own talent pools and have connections in the creative industry and job market.

Sometimes it is hard for organizations to find candidates with specific technical or specialized skills. Most of the time, the only solution is to find passive candidates who are working elsewhere or not actively look for a job.  Finding and reaching passive candidates is not always possible through traditional recruitment channels. Employers need a different approach – and reach such prospects through recruiting agencies.

Recruiting agencies are in touch with employed professionals who are interested in better opportunities and can quietly reach such prospects.  Such candidates do not check internet job boards regularly and might never know about job opportunity unless someone tells them.

Find the Right Candidate

It is just not enough to select a candidate with right skills and work experience; the candidate should fit into the organization culture.   Cultural fit is an important trait in recruiting. It is necessary to consider organizational culture and see whether the candidate can sync with the culture.

The recruiting agency can take a third-party view of the organizational culture and assess which prospective candidates can swim or drown in the corporate culture.

Help with Employer Brand

A strong employer brand has become a necessity in the corporate world, as it helps attract top talent. Large companies are spending big to build an employer brand but it is not possible for small businesses to allocate funds to build an employer brand. Recruiting agencies can be of great help to build an employer brand.

The recruiting agency can expose prospective candidates to the larger picture of what it would be like working in the organization. Recruiting agencies can create videos that give employees virtual tour of the office and a chance to see how employees interact with each other during lunch session or meetings. All this will lead to the creation of a good employer brand and prospects will be more eager to join the organization.

Help Deal with Workload

Hiring freelance employees is the best solution to deal with workloads and complete projects on time. But hiring a temporary employee is not as easy as it seems.

Recruitment agencies can help you get temporary employees on board quickly as they take care of all procedures that need to be followed while hiring temporary employees.  In some cases, recruitment agencies can take temporary employees on their payroll thus giving your organization freedom from the onboarding process.

Help in Onboarding of New Employees

The recruiting process doesn’t end with the final interview and selection of the candidate. The staffing agency has a stake in the success of both parties- the employer and the new recruit.  They offer plenty of resources to the new recruits to help them perform at their highest level.

Help in Retention

Employers that engage recruitment agencies for temporary employees get an opportunity to observe performance, work quality and ethics before offering the temporary employee a permanent job. This can lead to huge savings especially with respect to training costs and other intangible costs related to recruiting new candidates. Employers can retain good temporary employees and end contract with average performing employees.

Six Reasons to Work with a Creative Staffing Agency


How much did you actually spend on your last hard-to-find hire? Did you include the productivity lost by your hiring manager? And how about the hours your HR team spent poring over resumes and conducting interviews? When you add everything up, the cost of hires can put a serious dent in your finances. If your search for the exclusive purple squirrel has been more depressing than being lucrative, it makes sense to fetch an experienced partner to aid in your endeavors. And that’s where a creative staffing agency Los Angeles or elsewhere come into play.

Whether you need a full-time graphic designer to join your creative team or a freelance copywriter to help with a project, it’s important that you make the best, most informed hiring decision. And if you are lacking resources or are short on time to perfectly scrutinize candidates, your job of filling vacancies can become even more challenging.

Creative staffing agencies provide immediate access to skilled talent – all of whom have been evaluated and interviewed before they get to you. This lets you easily select the most suitable candidate for your freelance projects or full-time staffing needs. Here are six reasons to work with a creative staffing agency:

1. Staffing agencies have valuable Industry and local market expertise: Creative recruiters understand the industry inside and out, not to mention the local markets they serve. Creative recruiters have the intuitiveness into candidates’ abilities as well as how that expertise can meet your specific business needs.

2. Staffing services lead to a rapid hiring process: Filling a vacancy that requires a hard-to-find skill set can take days or even months. Every step — performing a search, reviewing resumes, conducting interviews and negotiating your way to an executed offer letter — takes time that busy hiring managers just don’t have. And when the recruitment process lingers, you increase your risk of losing top talent to a competitor. Fortunately, the staffing agency can cut your time-to-hire down to as little as a few days. They are filled with thousands of talented professionals with a team of niche recruiters focused on recruiting for specialized roles. These agencies can pinpoint candidates that match even the most specialized hiring profiles. This means the interviews can be conducted promptly, helping you get the talent you need as quickly as possible.

3. Access to a breadth of top candidates: The focus is on finding extensive pools of talented candidates. You may write the best job description, but are you sure it is going to reach the right candidates? With a creative staffing agency, you have access to an expansive range of potential hires that may never have come across your job opening. In addition, creative recruiters reach professionals who aren’t keenly looking for a job, but may be interested if the right opportunity is presented to them.

4. Cost: Did you know that the cost of a wrong hire can equal 30 percent of that person’s initial-year salary? Knowing how much a wrong hire can set you back financially, makes it worthwhile to ensure the candidates you bring on board are efficient and productive.

5. Less rogue spending: The talent acquisition process is a prominent source of rogue spending. When the vacancy is difficult to fill, the problem only gets worse. Fortunately, a staffing agency can help you rein in rogue spending. They work with your HR team to establish a program with thoroughly defined guidelines on spending. They will also keep your hiring managers within the defined budget and provide customized reporting services on spending throughout the talent acquisition process. You will know what you are spending — and where you are spending it.

6. Flexibility: Instant access to creative freelancers allows you the flexibility to staff up or down to meet business requirements. Maintaining that perfect balance on your team is quite challenging, but it is much easier when you rely on a creative staffing agency helping you expedite temporary workers when required.

Creative Staffing Agencies + You = Happy Hiring

A well-experienced recruiter can be a valuable asset when it comes to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews of the rightly selected candidates. Their industry expertise helps them understand precisely what the hiring manager is looking for, with no need for time-consuming explanations. An experienced recruiter Los Angeles can also help multiple hiring managers reach a consensus on the required skill set and put things like title, start date, and compensation off your hands.

Creative staffing agencies have extensive industry experience to help you hire right the first time – whether you are looking for freelance, contract-to-hire or full-time talent. The right staffing agency can deliver the right candidates for even the most challenging requirements.

So, the next time you find yourself searching for the most suitable hire, you don’t have to go it alone. Your staffing partner can take the most challenging requirements off your hands, so you can get back to doing what you are best at – running your business efficiently.

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